Vidnet 2018

The definitive annual confab for the OTT ecosystem bringing together the leaders from platforms, production studios, advertising agencies, data scientests, creators, technology and investors. The purpose: discuss the state of the industry, address the issues and find solutions to build a prosperous future for the entire value chain.

Speed dating, Panels, Fireside chats, Parallel sessions, Keynotes and more to explore the potential of the ecosystem giant

Key themes for VIDNET 2018:

  • Global perspectives: India Vs China Vs USA Vs Japan – how are things evolving. Learning from each other.
  • Business Models and Ecosystem dynamics: S-VoD or S-VoD and A-VoD or purely A-VoD or T- VoD. Will TV fight back? OTT Partnerships.Finding a Hyper Niche.
  • Regional: Is local a limitation in terms of audience or a global opportunity?
  • Power of Storytelling Trends in Indian Content.International Content appetite.Originals, the way forward.
  • Building customer delight: Building the best User interface, recommendation, using video data analytics to increase consumption and stickiness. How to build communities with your consumers?
  • Data Measurement: Designing an industry-respected metric and getting a buy in from the stakeholders.Will ad supported video survive without measurement
  • Telecom – The Growing Aggregator: Leaders from the foremost Telco companies discuss the future of content and platforms
  • OTT 2019 Outlook.
  • Knowing the platforms: How the platforms in India operate on content curation vs international platforms? Learn this through platform presentations. In this day and age of choice, what is the optimum platform for creators? What is the responsibility to your audience that you have garnered as an independent?
  • Content Value: What is the preference of Content in the Indian Mindset? What content is helping to stay engaged with your audience and how do you find your niche? The benefit of long term partnerships. Creating content for the world, creating content for India. The genres that are emerging.
  • Audience and Formats: What is the secret sauce of targeting audience through platform, content and formats. Non fiction vs Fiction. How far do you go on making your programming different – are cuss words the way out, is nudity and sex that is the differentiator. How is the young audience consuming media?Short formats vs long formats vs movies. What is the right mix?
  • The new video platforms: Facebook, instagram, tiktok. Getting the maximum out of them. How to build a presence using Video? How to Monetise on these live video platforms?
  • Story Masters: The new age of script writing. How to choose stories that will attract your audience?
  • Interactive Content: What is the Future of Dynamic Video and how are the platforms using it?
  • Leveraging Cloud Technology: What led to Hotstar Success Story of 10.3 million concurrent users?
  • Data, AI and Machine learning to serve the customer: How to take customer engagment to the next level.
  • The Hidden Beasts – Fintech and MarTech: Using the latest technologies of Marketing and The various opportunities of Payment integration
  • Video Player: Building the right Video player in your platform to provide a smooth user interface.
  • The Piracy conundrum and beating theft: Buidling secure DRM and encrytion to put a protective cover around your content.




Rishika Lulla
Rishika Lulla


Eros Digital

Kazufumi Nagasawa
Kazufumi Nagasawa

Chief Content Officer

Hulu Japan (HJ Holdings)

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Ajit Mohan



Saket Jha
Saket Jha

Head Entertainment Partnerships



November, 2018


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