About Vidnet Masterclasses:

There hasn't been a better time for content creators than today. With the digital industry moving upward and a number of platforms hosting video content for the masses that are consuming an unprecedented amount of it, writers, directors, and editors are getting never-seen-before opportunities to showcase their prowess.

However, this has also translated into immense competition in the space, making it imperative for content creators to master their skills before pitching ideas to producers and platforms.

Indiantelevision.com, with the aim of facilitating this creative process and giving the budding as well as established creators a chance to learn from the best in the industry, is organizing masterclasses for writers, directors, and editors at the upcoming edition of its VidNet 2019.

The masterclasses will be divided into two sections: one for writers and the other for directors and editors in order to give participants a chance to delve deeper into the art of writing for original series and movies for the digital audience. Each masterclass will be conversational in nature, with speakers handing the audience a behind-the-scenes perspective into crafting the best shows on streaming platforms.

These conversations will tackle questions like: What was the concept? How did it develop into a script? What iterations did it undergo? Who contributed to the process? Was it collaborative? What role did the platform play? What role did the producer play? etc

At the end of these classes, participants will be armed with the tactical nous needed to create cutting-edge digital video content that OTT platforms including Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar among others would pay top dollar to their audiences to binge watch.


Track 1: Directors & Editors Masterclasses

Track 2: Writers Masterclasses


Day 2

Vidnet Masterclasses | The Westin, Mumbai

Please note: Attendee will be allowed to attend only one track throughout the day.


Day 2 - Vidnet Masterclasses

4 October 2019

Taman & Chafa Hall - Westin, Goregaon (E),Mumbai

Registration - 09:30 am onward

VidNet Masterclasses Timings - 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM


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